Unique double-desk construction provides easily accessible music storage.  The desks measure 20" wide x 12.5" high and the stand is available in 3 height options: 16" to 28", 26" to 48" or 38" to 60" (lip to floor).


A one-piece desk that measures 32" wide - enough room to hold 4 pages of music.  The vertical extension is from 26" to 48" (lip to floor).


The Conductor's Stand offers a large, clear polycarbonate desk measuring 22" high x 26" wide with a 1.5" ledge.  Its collapsible tripod base makes it easy to transport and store.  This stand uniquely doubles for use as an acoustic shield too!


The "flagship" of the Manhasset music stand line provides a stately and distinctive station for orchestra and band directors.  This double-shafted stand has a wide and extremely stable base.  The desk measures 32" wide x 15 1/4 " high and is capable of holding the larger scores.  With a built-in accessory ledge and storage pocket (behind the desk), the Regal provides the optimum convenience and functionality for the conductor.  The height varies infinitely from 28 1/4" to 50 1/4" (lip to floor) with a maximum overall height of 63 1/4". 



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