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An ingenious "stacking" music stand that takes up so little storage space!  50 stands will stack together in less than 3m.  Available with either durable ABS plastic desk or Manhasset's traditional metal desk.


The perfect music stand offering high quality and durabilty.  Ideal for schools, bands, orchestras and individual musicians.  Manhasset's most popular music stand, the Symphony Stand is used by more schools than all other music stands combined.  The Symphony Stand desk measures a generous 20" wide x 12.5" high.  Available in 3 height ranges (from shelf lip to floor):

Symphony Stand: 26" to 48" (with a maximum overall height of 60.5").

Symphony Concertino Stand:  A shorter version of the Symphony Stand with a vertical extension of 16" to 28" (lip to floor) with a maximum overall height of 40.5".  Ideal for stage bands, guitarists, cellists, chamber ensembles and seated musicians.

Tall Symphony Stand: A taller version of the Symphony Stand with a vertical extension of 38" to 60" (lip to floor) with a maximum overall height of 72.5".  Ideal for standing musicians and singers.



Manhasset now offer the Symphony Stand in a variety of vibrant colours: Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Green, Purple, White and Grey.  Custom colours available on request.



Designed specially for concert orchestras, the double lip provides convenient storage for bows, rosin, pencils, reeds, valve oil and more.  The 3 vertical extension options and desk dimensions are identical to the Symphony Stand.



Enjoy the full size Manhasset music stand desk resting on any flat surface.  Rubber foot on back support and felt pads located beneath the lip prevent any scratching on tabletop surface.



Extremely useful wall mounted music stand offering full angle positioning.  Ideal for use where space is at a premium and the desk can easily be removed from the wall mount if needed.


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